Terms and Conditions

Mums N Bumps Pte. Ltd. strives to give you our very best in order to enhance your Natal Massage experience with us. We adhere to certain policies to benefit you and create a harmonious environment where our therapists can focus on your needs. We trust you will have a pleasant experience with us as we strive to exceed your expectations.

1. Reservations and Cancellations

1 week of advanced booking is recommended to secure your preferred date and time of massage session.

Please be prepared early, we recommend 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid reduced treatment times. A late commencement may result in a shortened appointment to accommodate other clients fairly.

While we strive to always start your session according to the scheduled time, delays are not unusual. Kindly plan 30 minutes of buffer time into your busy schedule just in case of unexpected delays.

The time needed for the service(s) you scheduled is reserved exclusively for you. If you need to cancel a reservation or reschedule one, we require 24-Hours notice. Please reschedule via Whatsapp message to the reservation hotline. Confirmed appointments cannot be re-scheduled within 24hrs before the appointment or your package credits equivalent to the 60mins or 90mins treatment will be deducted from your credits balance in the event of no show.

Please avoid spending excessive time on your mobile or washroom during your treatment session. Your session will end according to scheduled time.

2. Health & Allergies Considerations

The treatments and services received or utilised at Mums N Bumps are intended for general wellness purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical treatment for any condition, medical or otherwise, that clients may have. Clients with any existing medical conditions are advised to consult their doctors before receiving any massage services. You will notify our staff if you have any health conditions, limitations, allergies, physical ailments or medications you are currently taking.

You will alert our therapist immediately for any discomfort during your treatment.

You must be at least 16 weeks and above before you utilise the prenatal massage session.

3. Refund Policy

There is strictly no refund once the full treatment session has been completed. Customers may request for a different therapist (subject to availability) immediately after the first session and the first session will still be deducted from the package.

5 days cooling off period after purchases of treatment packages allows clients to seek full refund of payment made if they do not wish to proceed with the services offered, upon presentation of the original sales invoice. All discounts, promotional offers or complimentary sessions are not included in refunds.

Refund of payment shall be made by way of original payment method less administrative charges within 14 working days after cancellation.

After the cooling-off period, treatment packages and products are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable.

No refunds on products. Products exchange is applicable within 5 days from the date of sale and only if the product is intact and deemed in good condition with the discretion of the management as final.

4. Price and Payment

Please note that prices of all or specific services may be increased at any time without prior notice.

5. Package Terms and Conditions

Expiry date – The package will be deemed expired 4 months from the purchase date or customer’s pregnancy delivery date, whichever later.

For postnatal usage- package must be utilised for consecutive days from Monday to Friday till the end of package, unless with written arrangement via email to massage@mumsnbumps.com.

6. Disclaimer

This service is not responsible for lost or stolen property, nor will this service be held liable for any injury or condition that arises from application of massage. It is my choice to receive massage service. I agree to communicate with my service provider any time I feel as though my well-being is being compromised. I understand that the service providers do not diagnose illness, disease, or any physical or mental disorder, nor do they prescribe medical treatment, or pharmaceuticals. I acknowledge that massage services are not a substitute for medical examination or diagnosis, and that it is recommended that I see a primary Health Care provider for that service.

I understand that my service provider is a professional, and that by law they have the right to refuse service on any client at any time, if they feel as though their well-being is compromised. I understand and voluntarily accept the risks associated with the massage services, including but not limited to: Massage and the use of any Herbs, Oils and Materials. Except where prohibited by law; I acknowledge and voluntarily assume the risk of injury, accident or death which may arise from the provision of the service.

I agree that my service provider will not be liable for death or any injury, including, without limitation, personal, bodily or mental injury, economic loss or damage to me resulting from negligence, other acts in provision of the massage service, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

This agreement constitute the entire agreement between you and us and cannot be amended, except in writing by both parties. Myself and/or any of my heirs, executors, representatives, or assignees hereby release Mums N Bumps Pte Ltd and Therapist(s) from all claims or liabilities for death, personal injury or property loss or damages of any kind sustained while during the provision of the massage service.

I agree that this application and waiver is in effect for all massages, and/or any other services, and will not expire unless specifically requested by either party.

I understand that the massage should be provided in a tranquil and professional environment and that any inappropriate behaviour may result in termination of the therapist’s services and full payment is expected. By signing this form, I agree to the above terms and fully indemnify and hold harmless Mums N Bumps Pte Ltd and its holding company(ies), affiliates, subsidiaries, representatives, agents, staff and suppliers, from and against all liabilities, claims, expenses, damages and losses, including legal fees (on an indemnity basis), arising out of or in connection with the spa treatments, services and/or facilities.