Prenatal Home Massage Service in Singapore

Reduce your pregnancy woes and prepare for a smooth delivery by scheduling a relaxing prenatal massage.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Soothe Aches & Cramps

Prenatal Massage helps you to ease muscle tension and nerve pains. Relaxed nerves and muscles will reduce the daily pregnancy discomforts you experience. Say goodbye to sleepless nights!

Soothe Aches & Cramps

Relief of Pains In Body

Pregnancy means extra weight on your body. As the pregnancy progresses, most mothers to-be would experience sore and painful lower back and hips. Our massage will be able to ease these soreness and pains; giving you back the wonderful experience of pregnancy.

Relief Pains In Body

Boost Circulation & Ease Swelling

Frustrated with tight muscles and swollen legs? Worry no more! Our massage helps to reduce swelling and loosen muscles which will aid in a smooth delivery.

Boost Circulation & Ease Swelling

Rejuvenates Mind & Clears Stress

As a woman's role in society becomes increasingly demanding, this demand together with the challenges of pregnancy can cause significant stress to both your emotional and mental health. Let our masseur bring you back to a state of relaxation which you truly deserve as you emerge with more positivity to deal with the challenges ahead. Our massage comes in handy to revitalize your mind and spirit.

Rejuvenates Mind & Clears Stress

Pregnancy Wellness through Prenatal Massage

Mums N Bumps offers affordable prenatal massage packages and individual sessions to help you prepare for the arrival of your baby. The relaxing massage service eases pregnancy related back pain, joint pain and muscle tension. It also reduces stress and anxiety so you can have the much-deserved good night rest and be rejuvenated the next morning.

As important as it is to coordinate with your obstetrician to ensure a safe and healthy delivery, it is also paramount that you look after your overall wellness. Soothe body pain and declutter your mind with a prenatal massage.

Let our natal massage-certified therapists bring you the relaxation you deserve right in the comfort of your own home. Book your prenatal massage session today.

Your massage experience with us

Prepare your body for the massage

Our therapist gets you ready for the intensive prenatal massage session by gently loosening up your muscles and warming up your body. We prevent general discomfort and injuries from occurring by thoroughly preparing your cold and stiff muscles.

Body Massage
Reduce swelling

Reduce swelling of the legs and calves

Pregnancy typically causes swelling, especially in the legs and calves. As the massage progresses to your lower body, the therapist focuses on reducing the swelling in your limbs. This step also helps with muscle cramps and water retention.

Soothe overall body pain and soreness

No prenatal massage session is complete without a thorough massage of the lower back and spine. The therapist gently reduces the muscle tension in this area so you can move around more freely and sleep better at night.

Body Pain Relief
Tension Relief Massage

Release tension and rejuvenate your mind

Pregnancy gets more exciting as your delivery date draws nearer. It is inevitable for stress hormones to rise during this time. Our therapist helps you unwind and get in a proper mindset for childbirth and motherhood.

Book a Prenatal Massage Session with Mums N Bumps

There is more to prenatal care than making sure your baby is getting the nutrients she needs while in your womb. Ensuring proper care of your health and wellness allow your pregnancy to proceed on smoothly. Book your prenatal and postnatal massage packages with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between regular and prenatal massage?

Our therapists employ a combination of regular massage strokes and techniques to help your mind and body relax. We put extra care into the massage pressure and positioning to ensure the health and well-being of the mum and the baby.

What are the benefits of prenatal massage therapy?

Mums-to-be benefit from prenatal massage in three major ways: pain relief, reduced swelling and hormone reduction. It eases the pain in your limbs and lower back, reduces fluid retention in your swollen joints and regulates your overall mood.

How does prenatal massage make my pregnancy easier?

Pregnancy is an equally thrilling and exhausting time. Prenatal massage soothes the body aches and muscle cramps that cause sleeplessness and limit your movements. Prenatal massage therapy will provide you with a positive mental health that will bring about a better disposition throughout your pregnancy term.

Is it safe to schedule prenatal massage throughout my pregnancy?

Prenatal massage therapy is generally safe for mums-to-be who are in good health. In fact, it is a way to enhance the health and safety of your pregnancy. For your peace of mind, however, you might want to consult your obstetrician before commencing the prenatal massage therapy.

Is prenatal massage therapy suitable for every mum-to-be?

Women with a high-risk pregnancy or who have certain health conditions might not be suitable for prenatal massage. To protect your health and the health of your baby, it is best to discuss the matter with your obstetrician before booking an appointment.

How do I book a prenatal massage session with Mums N Bumps?

You may contact us through WhatsApp message at (+65) 8463 3168.

What is your cancellation policy?

As the slot is specially reserved for you, a cancellation notice of minimum 24 hours is required. We will only accede on a case-by-case basis for cancellation less than 24hours e.g. a medical certificate bearing your full name. No refund will be made as we will arrange a replacement date for you.

May I please get a refund?

Refund will only be acceded to if there is a recent valid memo from a medical doctor certifying you unfit for the specific massage therapy. The memo should clearly state that you are unfit for the massage, your personal details such as full name and NRIC number, as well as duly dated and signed off by the medical doctor. Refund will take 14 days to be processed.