What Your Natal Care Package Includes

Our Natal Massage Packages

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3 Sessions

60 Minutes

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12 Sessions

90 Minutes

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17 Sessions

60 Minutes

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20 Sessions

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What Your Package Include...

Upon purchasing our promotional massage packages, these are what you will get!

Aroma Therapy


Pure and organic lavender oil will be used during your massage sessions for you to calm your senses and enhance muscle relaxation. For pregnant mothers out there, don't worry, this does not have any adverse side effects. Experience a luxurious massage in the comfort of your own home today!

Personalized Baby Massage Tutorial

Personalized Baby Massage Tutorial

Our professionally trained therapist will personally guide you through a 15-minute tutorial as you'll learn how to massage your baby. Regularly massaging your child is a great way to develop a closer and nurturing bond with your baby. Infant massage can also help with improving your baby's circulatory and digestive system!

Baby Massage Oil

Baby Massage Oil

Aside from learning how to massage your baby, you will also receive a bottle of telon oil for you to massage your baby. This will enhance your infant's massage experience and possibly boosts its benefits.

Mums N Bumps Pack

Mums N Bumps Pack

Your natal massage journey does not end when the therapist leaves your home. To better experience the benefits, we will provide you with a herbal bath kit to be used during your shower. Additionally, for postnatal mothers, your kit will include a binder as well!

Start today and unravel an ache-free and enjoyable pregnancy that all pregnant ladies deserve!

To Better Your Experience

Massage Bed Rental

Massage Bed Rental

Committed to Quality

Uneasy with massages being done on your personal bed? Worried that the massage might not be comfortable?

Enhance your massage experience with us by adding on a massage bed! Once booking is confirmed, we will deliver the massage bed right to your door step before every session! Enjoy a luxurious natal massage right in the comfort of your own home! Our deluxe massage beds includes a comfortable hand, head and neck rest to ensure your best experience.


7 Session - $90

10 Sessions - $110

15 Sessions - $130

Thermotherapy Package


Exceeding Expectations

Our Thermotherapy Massage includes the use of hot stones during your massage session. This is a great inclusion for both pre and postnatal massages.

As the stress of carrying your baby's weight takes a toll on your body and engorgements become painful because of blocked milk ducts, our thermotherapy comes in handy! The use of heat helps to relieve muscle tension and boost circulation by gently dilating your vessels. Aches and stiffness will significantly be reduced and engorgements will be off its way!


1 Session - $9.90

7 Session - $57

10 Sessions - $75

15 Sessions - $105