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Why Book a Mums N Bumps Massage Therapist

Mums N Bumps provides convenient and affordable natal care that all mums and mums-to-be deserve. Every time you book our home service, you are booking the services of a natal massage-certified therapist.

Our prenatal and postnatal massage services are not limited within the confines of a spa clinic. We take these services to your home to maximise your comfort throughout your pregnancy and the early days of motherhood.

Our prenatal massage service relieves body pain, swelling, mood swings, stress and other pregnancy woes so you can be better prepared for the safe delivery of your baby. Our postnatal massage service expedites womb recovery and helps you regain your pre-pregnancy body shape while enhancing your mental and emotional health through proper massage techniques delivered in the comfort of your home. As an enhancement of our natal service to you, we provide exclusive lactation massage which you can add this on after a postnatal massage therapy to ensure a smoother breastfeeding journey under the Professional Hands That You Can Trust.

Mums N Bumps guarantees your satisfaction by tailoring our massage services to your unique concerns regarding pregnancy or childbirth. Special arrangements can be made for your preferred massage schedule. Arrange your booking today.

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Relief from pregnancy discomfort within a week

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Help Eliminate Body Ache From Pregnancy

Aches Relief Solution

Reduce Water Retention

Aches Relief Solution

Discover Freedom and Comfort during Pregnancy

Aches Relief Solution

Say Goodbye to your Restless Nights

Aches Relief Solution

Effortlessly Reduce Flabby Bellies

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Aid in womb Repositioning and Recovering

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Improve Blood Circulation and Reduce Bleeding

Aches Relief Solution

Boost your milk flow and prevent Engorgements


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